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Citizens "Take Action!" Guide

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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01Whose interests are your elected officials representing: the people--or the special interests?

Too many voters haven’t got a clue—so East County Magazine is shedding light into those smoke-hazed back-rooms in Washington D.C. and Sacramento, enabling you to keep up with what your elected officials are doing – and decide whether or not they deserve your vote next election. You can also share your views on key issues with the handy tools we’ve provided.  

Find out how they voted:  In our Capitoil Report: How They Voted reports,, we’ve chosen major bills listed by, a nonpartisan organization, as well as key measures tracked by public interest groups.   Below are some of the most important recent bills—and how our representatives cast their votes.

For details and information on more bills, visit

Contact your elected officials, or to find out who represents you: visit our Sound Off! section in our “Citizens’ “Take Action” Center.

Inside our Capitoil Survey:

Inside our Capitoil Survey: The direction they Voted reports,, we’ve selected significant payments outlined by means of Vote-Smart. org, a new nonpartisan organization, together with critical methods tracked by means of open public fascination groups. Underneath are many of the most crucial the latest bills—and precisely how your distributors toss their votes.awesome games

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