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La Mesa Council holds hearing Nov. 5 on proposal to erect cell phone
tower in Lake Murray area

By Miriam Raftery

When Mom asked me to look into possible health hazards posed by cell phone
panel antennas that a church in her neighborhood wants to put up, I expected
to find reassuring facts to allay Mom’s concerns.  Instead, I found
deeply disturbing data that makes me wonder why the public is not being informed
about health risks—and why our government seems intent on covering up
troubling truths.

Cell phone companies and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration assert that
cell phone towers don’t pose health risks to the public.  Some studies
support this assertion, but other studies suggest just the opposite.
Harvard-trained Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona’s medical
center recently observed, “In January 2008, the National Research Council
(NRC), an arm of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy
of Engineering, issued a report saying that we simply don't know enough about
the potential health risks of long-term exposure to RF energy from cell phones
themselves, cell towers, television towers, and other components of our communications
system. The scientists who prepared the report emphasized, in particular, the
unknown risks to the health of children, pregnant women, and fetuses as well
as of workers whose jobs entail high exposure to RF (radiofrequency) energy….Because
so much of cell phone technology is new and evolving, we don't have data on
the consequences of 10, 20 or 30 years worth of exposure to the RF energy they
emit,”  Weil concluded.  The report called for long-term safety
studies on all wireless devices including cell phones, computers, and cell
phone towers.

A 2006  report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO)
offered some reassurance and found no scientific evidence that radiofrequency
signals from cell towers cause adverse health effects.  The report noted
that up to five times more of the RF signals from FM radio and television (than
from cell towers) are absorbed by the body with no known adverse effects on
health in the more than 50 years that radio and TV broadcast stations have
been operating.

But an Australian study found that children living near TV and
FM broadcast towers, which emit similar radiation to cell towers, developed
leukemia at three times the rate of children living over seven miles away.

you live within a quarter mile of a cell phone antenna or tower, you may be
at risk of serious harm to your health, according to a German study cited at,
a site devoted to exposing hazards associated with electromagnetic frequencies
from cell phone towers and other sources.

Cancer rates more than tripled among people living within 400 meters of cell
phone towers or antennas, a German study found.  Those within 100 meters
were exposed to radiation at 100 times normal levels.  An Israeli study
found risk of cancer quadrupled among people living within 350 meters (1,148
feet) of a cell phone transmitter—and seven out of eight cancer victims
were women.  Both studies focused only on people who had lived at the
same address for many years.

Other studies have found that levels of radiation emitted from cell phone
towers can damage cell tissues and DNA, causing miscarriage, suppressing immune
function, and causing other health problems.

Astoundingly, the federal government does not allow rejection of a cell phone
tower based on health risks, according
to a 2005 article
. A
Google search found no evidence that this situation has changed.

Yet over 1.9
million cell phone towers and antennae have been approved nationwide without
federal studies to assure safety of those living nearby.

How many cell phone towers and antennas are in your neighborhood?  Find
out at  I
plugged in my address on Mt. Helix, hardly an urban stronghold, and was astounded
to discover that there are 96 cell phone towers, 286 antennas and 2 proposals
for new towers within four miles of my home! 

So how about Mom’s neighborhood, where an Evangelical church insists
a new tower is needed? Mom gets perfectly fine cell phone reception, and so
do the neighbors she’s spoken with—not surprising since there are
already 113  towers and 335 antennas within a four-mile radius. 

Churches, schools, fire stations, and other buildings are increasingly erecting
cell phone towers or antennas because cell phone companies are willing to pay
rental fees of hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month—welcome
infusions for cash-strapped budgets. But at what cost to the public’s
health?  There are young children in Mom’s neighborhood, less than
one block from the proposed cell phone antenna site.

In Sweden, the government requires interventions to protect the public from
electromagnetic frequencies.  Why isn’t the U.S. government paying
attention to this potential risk to public safety?

If you wish to share your views on the T-Mobile proposed cell phone tower
at 5777 Lake Murray Blvd. (near Marengo Avenue), the La Mesa City Council will
hold a public meeting on Wednesday, November 5th at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers
at the La Mesa City Hall, 8130 Allison Ave., La Mesa.

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Danger near Tower

We should avoid lving near the tower, it is very harmful for our health. It causes many types of deseases. Cell phone is th part of smart home automation technology but it effects on our health also.

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Thank you for sharing this useful information with us. It is really very harmful to everyone, ifhe or she live near the cell phone signal tower.

Very dangerous

Its really very sad to here that government really does not care about this. To live near cell phone tower is very dangerous. Government should go for the development services but they should also take care of these things as well. Thanks.

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Overall good supports though I enjoyed this post specially the antenna search link include. Anyway I love this excellent article. Keep it up!

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I believe that this is just another conspiracy theory like many others. It's hard for me to believe that it took so long for the WHO to realize that cell phones are so very dangerous and that the radiations emitted by these towers can cause so many problems. And to support my theory I can bring the argument that if this was true, that one of the first social and financial reactions would have been people moving out of the area and a lowering of the land price in that area! Well, that definitely hasn't happen! My father got a South Dakota reverse mortgage loan recently and bought some land very close to one of these towers. The price was just like in other area of the county. Maybe I am wrong, but I think that lately, people have become a bit paranoid and that makes us all have to deal with the issues they present us as certainties when in fact all these are nothing more than suppositions!

real problem

I think that this new antenna, although will surely improve the quality of the mobile signal, it won't solve the real problem with mobile connections. The safety of the network is still not insured. I think that all mobile networks should have a better spyware like software to protect us from unwanted commercials from companies which get the phone number from various databases. As for all this talk about the dangers of living next to a antenna, it's all rubbish. No danger whatsoever, unless you plan on living inside the satellite dish, or right under the antenna. Otherwise, it's all very safe. Just as safe as talking on the mobile phone!


Although the radiation danger is a reality, this thing applies for the older phones. In the case of the newer ones, the radiation level is considerably reduced, so much that you would need to be exposed for more that 100 yrs in order for the dose to reach a sufficient level to be considered a minimum danger for ones life. More than that, phones like HTC Evo digitizer, one of the state of the art creations, have almost a 0 radiation level, so the danger is even more reduced. So, I believe that the cell phone radiations are a bit overrated.

It is sad to see that the

It is sad to see that the government does not care about these studies, studies that show that these towers are a health hazard. I, like many other business people, own a cell phone with almost 800 numbers in my agenda. I call and being called like every half an hour and I'm starting to worry if this thing is not affecting my health.

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Great Study. People living near the are should really be careful of the radiations they may get just living near the cellphone towers..

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This is true. A lot of people dont know about these hidden dangers. Cell towers, etc. are dangerous.-Mark
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I've read a couple of other

I've read a couple of other articles regarding living near cellphone towers and if this is true it's a matter of big concern. Towers should be set up at a safe distance so that it doesn't endanger humans. This is a very important article which should have more readers. Our governments have to be prepared to execute this task because nothing is more important than public safety.
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Well This post is very important , I actually live near panel antenna , and I can say people are complaining against those antennas all the time , but it is long fight to get it removed. china mobile wholesale thx

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There is a saying, health

There is a saying, health above wealth. The Evangelical church should care more about its parishioners than the signal of the cell phones. There is no need for more cell phone towers, I fail to see their use if the reception is good.
Anna Keighley - Drug Treatment Center manager

I seek the name of the

I seek the name of the company which is currently the largest provider of service and tours made for cell phone transmissions.How to change the cell phone towers and prevent homelessness?

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I hope you'll be able to

I hope you'll be able to solve this situation, especially because you said the federal government hasn't allowed the rejection of a cell phone tower since 2005. Those who live near this sort of tower can't protect themselves like a cell phone has a motorola droid x screen protector and the companies must understand that.


Thanks for very good information on cell phone towers that will be more hlepful for all.Really it will be danger for all people be careful.

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I wouldn´t take my son to a

I wouldn´t take my son to a school with a cell phone tower. If we don´t know if towers are safe or no for our health, at least, we shouldn´t expose our child. New technologies like cell phones or Internet are great but adsl proveedores should invest to find out if towers are dangerous.

Cell phone towers have

Cell phone towers have regulations on them.I would suggest asking someone within the government to come out with some radiation detector to see the level around you and if it’s safe or not.
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It´s seems weird that we are living in such advance society but we are still not knowing if the electromagnetic frequencies are dangerous or no for our health. However, we are still using cell phones and paying our tarifas internet movil.I wonder if telephones companies can be the tabacco companies of the future.

Last night, I was watching a

Last night, I was watching a research on the mobile towers and they researched that people near the mobile towers can be affected by its dangerous waves.
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Nice information

Thanks for sharing the information. Its really seems dangerous living near cell phone towers
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Some Questions

Advancements in technology really have their consequences. Supposing it is certain that the increases in health risks are directly related to the radiation emitted by cellphone towers and the like, do you have any suggestions on how to address this problem? Is there a better alternative? Are you suggesting dropping the use of cellphones altogether? Is it possible to situate the towers somewhere less populated? Boiler Problems

Is there anyone having

Is there anyone having information about projects like?if yes than do tell me...well coming back to the point , Some studies support this assertion, but other studies suggest just the opposite.
Harvard-trained Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of 1z0-052 Arizona’s medical center recently observed, “In January 2008, the National Research Council (NRC), an arm of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, issued a report saying 220-601 that we simply don't know enough about the potential health risks of long-term exposure to RF energy from cell phones themselves, cell towers, television 220-602 towers, and other components of our communications system.

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