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Editorial: Where is the Liberty Going?

The Loss of Freedom and the Slide towards Tyranny

By Michael Benoit

What is tyranny?

October 1, 2008 (San Diego's East County) - It is the taking control of your body, mind or property without your consent. Freedom
comes to us naturally and tyranny is a stripping away of that freedom. Our
freedom can be classified into two categories -- the first being personal,
and the second being economic.

These freedoms, of course, are joined, so a loss of one equates to a loss
of the other. I don't believe that there can ever be a consistent
level of freedom from one person to the next. For example, if the politicians
make it mandatory to wear a seatbelt, this is an infringement on our personal
liberty; if we are punished by the state for not wearing the belt, which usually
comes in the form of a fine which diminishes our economic freedom. To the wealthy
the loss of freedom is likely not to be perceived at all.


By Miriam Raftery

October 1, 2008 (San Diego's East County) Legislators
who voted to ban cell phone usage while driving obviously never tried communicating
via a a hands-free device while traversing East County's back roads and
byways, where even normal cell phone service is spotty at best and often non-existent. I'm
certain that if these do-gooders in Sacramento had to conduct their business
in the boonies, they'd repeal the law in a nanosecond.

Vote YES on Proposition 2 - The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act

by Judy Ki
Photo credit: <a title='Farm Sanctuary' href='http://www.farmsanctuary.org/' target='_blank'>Farm Sanctuary</a>On a flight to Washington D.C. recently, I got stuck sitting in the middle
seat in the last row (where the seats do not recline). Upon my arrival, I was
relieved that I can finally get up, stretch, and de-plane. Can you imagine
spending your entire life crammed in that middle seat, living on top of your
own waste?

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